Foodtopia: the future of food

18 April 2017 - Editorial

We asked three chefs about their vision of the future, let their imagination roam free and to tell us: what would be their Foodtopia?

Foodtopia, Maura Colagreco, Mirazur

Smart leadership

Three internationally acclaimed chefs: Rasmus Kofoed, Mauro Colagreco and Eneko Axta, were asked what they believe the future of the food would be about. Rasmus has a clear vision of the future, it would all be about smart leadership and to find the right symbiosis in your restaurant team to find the optimal work schedule. 

Love for nature

Eneko and Maura both see a future where the nature would be appreciated more. Maura: ‘The emotional connection with and love for nature needs to grow stronger. Chefs will need to work harder to protect the natural world and the ingredients it gives us.'

Watch the video with the three chefs about their Foodtopia. Video length: 2.12